Casa Martelli in Impruneta: a story of family and art

The story of the magnificent villa for sale in the Florentine hills, owned by an important family.

Discovering the wonderful villa for sale in Impruneta: a private residence nestled in the Florentine hills, between Florence and Siena.

The country villa currently belongs to a family that is half Roman and half Florentine: strategically located, it overlooks the Chianti landscape between the Greve and Ema basins, a few minutes from the center of Impruneta and only 20 minutes from the center of Florence.

Impruneta is an Italian municipality located in the region of Tuscany. A charming village a few kilometers from Florence, it is known for being an important center for the production of handmade ceramics.

The town is located in the heart of the Chianti wine region, offering the opportunity to explore local wineries and taste some of the finest wines produced in the area.

The natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, with its vineyards, olive groves and hilly landscapes, makes it a fascinating place for those who wish to live in Tuscany.

The history of the villa for sale in the Florence Countryside

The origins of Casa Martelli, the majestic Florentine villa for sale, date back to the 17th-century.

The villa features impressive Tuscan-style architecture with elegant facades and artistic details. It is surrounded by a large park with well-maintained gardens, fountains and outdoor spaces that make this a particularly charming residence.

It is here that a second annex also stands, built to meet the need to provide adequate housing for the use of the farmer at the time, at the behest of the ecclesiastical benefice.

A building that today has excellent potential and an ambitious project, which we will discuss later.

However, at the turn of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the Buondelmonti, a noble Florentine family, reformed its management bodies, and so the two adjoining estates Il Poggio and Vigna Nuova were dismembered from the Church’s land holdings.

The two rural estates, endowed with the land, remained in direct ecclesiastical ownership for quite some time.

They were then reintegrated into the patrimony of the Pieve Madre, and the prelate in charge entrusted them to the Martelli family to advance the estate.

We owe to the Martellis the first internal adjustments to the house, which, together with the rural resede, had come to give the property, renamed Le Caselline, its L-shaped outline.

It thus became the home of the noble family, a well-known dynasty of architects and engineers under the Lorraine, which had a strong presence in the region during the Renaissance. Casa Martelli, so known at the time, was renovated several times to celebrate the family’s dynasty.

Situated on scenic hills or in the green valleys of the countryside, Dreamer’s castles for sale enjoy a prime location that offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes.

The legacy of the family mansion

In the 1920s the Florentine villa became the property of a prominent family, purchased with the goal of creating a large family home.

Guido B., today the owner of the villa, gladly answered some curiosities about the house.

His father, a noted Italian art historian, inherited the property by adorning it with literary and artistic works and turned it into his private home in the hills of Florence.

After his death in 1992, his heirs left it to one of his sons, to redeem the family mansion.

He’s an art expert and together with his wife, External Relations Manager of a well-known auction house in Rome, breathed new life into the residence and its spaces.

Over the past few years, they have been involved in restoring the villa and garden, making it a true family retreat.

A wonderful 19th-century villa near Florence and Siena, in the hills of Impruneta. A property covering 1200 square meters surrounded by 4.5 hectares of garden, which houses a splendid infinity pool.

An exclusive and quiet place that Dreamer visited and narrated in an exclusive video tour.

Art and tradition: an interview with the owners

The family history is linked with the landscape in a mix of art and nature.

Dreamer Real Estate met with the owners of this magnificent villa with pool in Impruneta.

Dreamer Real Estate: «A love of art that unites you and has found its home in the hills of Florence».

Guido B.: «The villa has been in my family since the late 1920s. My grandfather, a collector, art scholar and antiquarian, bought it to be closer to his friend Roberto, a great art historian who lived in Florence with his wife, a well-known writer. From him it passed to my father, also an art historian who, teaching at the University of Siena, had in the Impruneta house an important point of reference».

DRE: «What features from architectural, historical or artistic value are most distinctive about the villa?»

GB: «I am the current owner and together with my wife we decided, despite living in Rome, that this house could become our family retreat. The architectural character that we love most about the villa is the neoclassical imprint of the Second Empire 1820s/1830s that characterizes the entire structure, especially the facade. This imprint was given by the previous owners belonging to the ancient Renaissance Martelli family, who were later, important entrepreneurs and senators of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, in the eighteenth-century Florence of Lorraine».

DRE: «How did your passion for art come about? How is it integrated with the history and culture of the villa?»

 GB: «My passion for art began at an early age, growing up in a family that has always been involved in art. My wife has worked for years for the Roman office of the Florentine auction house Pandolfini and grew up surrounded by art objects and paintings that belonged to her family. The history of this house has mingled with our stories and fully represents our love of art».

 DRE: «The majestic villa that stands in the hills of Florence: tell us more about the renovation project.»

GB: «The second building, the old barn, has for several years been the project of a new house, definitely more modern and contemporary, to experience a less majestic and more minimalist dimension, compared to the main villa.  We have with great passion begun to renovate it, starting with the roof and the layout of the rooms and the large kitchen. Those who will finish it will have fun with the project and with bringing together two different but equally fascinating aspects of each other, the ancient and the modern».

 DRE: «A real family home, cared for in detail, as well as the garden surrounding the villa. What interventions have been made?»

GB: «In addition to routine maintenance, we have always promised to restore one piece at a time of the various parts of the house: the library, lounges, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The most significant interventions include, the swimming pool, the restoration of some wall paintings, and the beginning of the barn renovation project. We are particularly proud of the swimming pool, it seems like it has always been there. We conceived it as an old pool or fishpond, surrounded by a border of pietra serena and boxwood plants, with the typical flavor of Florentine structures. The gray color of the interior plaster reflects an emerald green that perfectly complements the garden».

DRE: «Is there a particular story or significant experience related to one of the spaces in your villa that you would like to share?»

GB: «I would say it is the harmony of the whole that works. The house is large but very cozy, the garden shelters and protects, immersing you in an almost magical collected dimension. Finally, the barn with its project to become a modern expression of the villa makes the whole thing extremely charming. It is a place where you can all live together, but where you can also stay separate and independent, given the large amount of space available. For us it has always been a true family retreat».

Historic villa for sale in Tuscany

Florence Countryside offers a breathtaking backdrop of elegance and beauty and it is in this context of luxury and prestige that Dreamer offers this charming historic villa for sale.

A unique mansion with private garden and pool that enhances Tuscan real estate luxury.

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