The Luxury condominium project: a new residential concept

The luxury villa condominium, is a growing trend in real estate. Historic residences renovated for comfort and modernity in the countryside of Florence

Living in a luxury condominium now presents itself as an interesting trend in the context of the real estate world.

The concept sees historic palaces divided into exclusive apartments, fully renovated in the historic center of Florence. In the hills, however, there are many renovated historic villas offering exclusive apartments with 5-star services.

The properties are located in hillside locations, not far from the city. This is a type of residence that is chosen for the lifestyle that combines contemporary convenience, with the atmosphere and charm of historic villas.

In this new concept of residential luxury, authentic elegance blends with modern comfort to create unique residential environments. The villas are often surrounded by scenic landscapes, set in country settings that offer popular lodging experiences.

In this article, we will explore the appeal of the new residential concept of the luxury condominium, the perfect balance between the old and the contemporary, from architectural details to modern conveniences.

Luxury villa condominium in the hills of Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Dreamer Real Estate presents its new exclusive residential concept14 apartments within a historic villa in Tuscany, a noble residence adapted to modern life.

The villa stands in the Tuscan hills, near Florence. It is a privileged location, inhabited in the past by noble Florentine families, who chose the area as their private residence. This noble residence reached its greatest importance around the 18th century, becoming the property of an influential Florentine family.

The complex combines authentic classic elegance with the best amenities and modern technology for a unique living experience. Each apartment is presented as an exclusive period residence.

Territory of the Etruscans first and the Romans later, it passed during the Middle Ages under the rule of a powerful Florentine family, which chose to build its fortified estate in the hills.

It is said that the famous poet Dante Alighieri also found refuge here after being exiled from his native Florence.

Over the centuries, the villa has been owned by various Florentine families, who improved and enlarged it.

The Tuscan villa was then divided into 14 apartments, initiating a new concept of luxury and on-hillside living.

The last important family to inhabit it, who owned the villa since the late 1700s, modified the structure, with graffiti decoration of the facades and elaborate frescoes.

The beauty of the scenery attracted the aristocratic families who chose to settle in this part of Tuscany: villas with elaborate gardens, olive groves, and vineyards, framed the picturesque panorama.

Even today, the villa’s modern pool offers residents of the villa apartments a unique experience worthy of a luxury complex.

The renovation of the Renaissance Villa for sale in Florence

Over the years, the villa has undergone a meticulous process of modernization, along with a series of restorations. The renovation work has resulted in 14 luxury apartments, offering splendid views of Florence.

Each apartment expresses the history and splendor of the original villa, each overlooking the Italianate gardens and the Florentine hills. The residences have all been modernized, with recent technology, while keeping their history intact.

The concept of the entire property combines international contemporary lifestyle, with classic Italian lifestyle, offering exclusive independent apartments with common areas.

The 14 residences that make up the entire area are designed to meet the needs of clients in terms of convenience, luxury, and services.

A team of architects, designers, and craftsmen took charge of the restoration, balancing form and function and respecting the building’s historical heritage with modern conveniences.

A true luxury condominium in a Renaissance villa, offering 5-star amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, steam room, whirlpool, and gym.

The video tour created by Dreamer takes you on a tour of the magnificent apartments in the villa and delves into their history and structure through an exclusive interview with the architectDmitry, who closely supervised the renovations.

Why live in a luxury condominium

The choice to buy these apartments is emerging as a trend in the luxury real estate sector.

The growing demand for the purchase of this type of property responds to buyers’ need to lead an authentic, history-rich lifestyle immersed in the rural landscape.

The phenomenon can be explained by several key factors influencing purchases:

  • Opportunity to live in historic, heritage buildings that have been renovated with a modern twist.
  • Many of the historic villas feature large outdoor spaces and gardens, oases of privacy and tranquility.
  • Many purchasers also buy because they are interested in residential tourism, to obtain additional income through short-term rental.

These spaces combine modernity, with the charm of historic mansions, thus representing a timeless form of luxury in the residential real estate world.

Properties of this type are often located in picturesque locations that perfectly combine luxury and comfort.

In Tuscany, for example, wine regions are well known for their historic villas and luxury apartments, which offer great potential, both in terms of investment and living experience.

The luxury condominium combines the international lifestyle with the Italian lifestyle, as in the case of the fully renovated Renaissance Villa, which offers 14 apartments, common areas, and services from 5-star Hotels.

Contact our team to find out every detail and information about the beautiful apartments for sale in Florence.


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