From History Palace to Luxury Apartment: renovation project by Arch.Solinas

Turning a historic building into a livable luxury apartment: architect Solinas‘ challenge.

An interesting renovation project that Dreamer followed closely, to renovate one of its properties, before the sale. The negotiations, successfully concluded, made it possible to present to future buyers not only a historic palace in the center of the city of Florence, but also a design for the renovation of the stately residence.

Renovation in downtown Florence

The renovation of historic buildings, as in this case, proves to be a process that requires a delicate balance between preserving architectural integrity and adapting to modern needs.

The project, conducted with the support and supervision of the Florentine architect Andrea Solinas, allowed to take into account all those functional and aesthetic aspects, which are useful to ensure the preservation of a historic apartment, able to meet today’s needs.

A preliminary structural assessment of the building made it possible to verify its structural condition, architectural features, and decorative elements, significant in this case. Respect and care for the authentic stone floors, vaulted ceilings, capitals, and decorations from the period in which the building was built, allowed the integration of modern elements, functional to market demands in terms of livability. Therefore, without compromising the aesthetic appearance of the building, alternative and innovative solutions were proposed, so as to guarantee and not alter its historical value and architectural heritage.

The prestige of the property, located in one of the most renowned streets of the elegant Florentine Oltrarno, can be seen in the original period frescoes, perfectly preserved, the gilded frieze doors and the splendid coffered ceilings decorated in gold.

The ambitious and very detailed renovation project will allow the creation of a unique luxury apartment in a historic building: an opportunity to enhance the architectural heritage and make it functional to modern needs.

Some key project points include:

  • Private access: to ensure privacy and preserve the exclusivity of the environment.
  • Spacious spaces and large lounges, maintaining the majestic atmosphere of the historic building, offering comfort and convenience for the future inhabitants of the luxury apartment.

The design calls for the preservation of significant architectural elements, such as the majestic frescoed Renaissance hall, which will be enhanced and preserved, as well as the provision of a wellness & spa area and the terrace structure, which will add valuable outdoor space, allowing people to enjoy the outdoors and panoramic views.

It is important to remember that projects of this magnitude, especially on prestigious buildings, require the support of qualified professionals, such as architects, engineers, and restorers, so as to ensure that the renovation is conducted appropriately and in compliance with conservation laws and constraints.

In addition, it is essential to obtain all the necessary permits from the relevant bodies before proceeding with the work, and only in this way can a well-planned and executed project help breathe new life into the historic building, making the luxury apartment an architectural gem while respecting the history and needs of the present.


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