Guide to Digital Nomad Visa and Relocation in Italy

The Digital Nomad Visa offers opportunities for those who wish to relocate to Italy while maintaining their professional activities abroad. Dreamer, with its partners, supports you in purchasing a property in Italy, including necessary documentation, requirements and luxury relocation services.

In recent years, the concept of working remotely has gained increasing popularity, giving rise to the figure of the digital nomad. These are professionals who can work anywhere in the world, driven by the search for places that offer inspiration, comfort and quality of life.

Italy, for example, with its rich history and breathtaking landscapes, has established itself as one of the most desirable destinations for digital nomads, and many international clients seek support in purchasing luxury homes in Italy.

In this regard, at Dreamer Real Estate, we collaborate with professionals who can offer advice and support in the buying and selling process, ensuring services aimed at obtaining key documents such as visas, residence permits and citizenship, for international clients.

It is a topic we addressed in one of our Dreamer Talks, together with Giusto Giovannelli, our partner and lawyer specializing in immigration law.

digital nomad visa - dreamer talks

In addition to explaining the paperwork required for entry into Italy and the specific procedures to be followed, he introduces us to a concept that has been increasingly gaining ground lately: that related to the Digital Nomad Visa, a form of visa dedicated to those who perform work remotely, in Italy, for foreign companies.

What is the Digital Nomad Visa?

The Digital Nomad Visa is a permit that allows professionals to work in smart-working in a host country. This visa offers the flexibility to operate from anywhere without the restrictions of a traditional one.

With its introduction, it has become even easier to move to Italy: a way to explore the country while maintaining one’s professional activity.

Digital Nomad Visa vs Tourist Visa

Unlike the tourist visa, the Digital Nomad Visa allows workers to stay in Italy for an extended period, thus being able to travel and maintain their employment, without the need to incur frequent document renewals.

Also, very importantly, the Digital Nomad Visa allows you to work remotely for a foreign company, whereas many traditional visas do not allow you to work in the host country.

What also differentiates the two documents is the purpose of stay. The Digital Nomad Visa is specifically designed to allow digital workers to live and work in a country for an extended period, while traditional visas can be for tourism, study, work, or other specific purposes.

Requirements and Documents: Applying for the Digital Nomad Visa

To apply for the Digital Nomad Visa, certain requirements must be met:

  • have a job that can be done completely remotely
  • be of legal age
  • have a demonstrable income
  • have health insurance that covers the entire period of stay in Italy
  • submit a declaration stating that they intend to reside in Italy for work purposes only

Digital nomadism offers many benefits, including the freedom to explore new cultures, the opportunity to manage one’s own time, and flexibility in the workplace. However, there are also challenges, such as travel expenses and tax complications. It is important to carefully consider these issues before embarking on the path of digital nomadism.

Destination Italy: a Luxury Relocation

For those who wish to live in the utmost comfort and luxury, many luxury real estate agencies offer customized relocation services. They take care of finding exclusive, fully furnished residences, ensuring a unique experience for their clients. From historic mansions in the heart of the city to modern apartments overlooking the Tuscan hills. There is a wide range of options to suit every need and taste.

Elegant Penthouse with a Panoramic Terrace on Ponte Vecchio
Elegant Penthouse with a Panoramic Terrace on Ponte Vecchio

For foreign nationals who wish to relocate to Italy and enjoy a life of luxury, surrounded by the beauty of historic villas, country houses and apartments with breathtaking views, the relocation experience becomes essential.

Dreamer Real Estate: Your Partner for Relocation in Italy

At Dreamer we offer comprehensive support not only in the selection of luxury residences, but also by accompanying our clients throughout the documentation process.

Our expertise and the professionalism of our brokers in luxury real estate enable us not only to identify and propose exclusive residences that meet the needs and desires of international clients. We also offer personalized service to ensure efficient sales and purchase transitions.

Prestigious Villa with Pool in Florence Countryside

Whether it is a historic villa in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, or an apartment with a panoramic view of the city, our in-depth knowledge of the market and the network of contacts at our disposal allows us to guide investors through every step of the relocation process. From finding the perfect property to handling all the bureaucratic formalities.

Learn about all our services and contact us to schedule an appointment.


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