Versilia and Forte dei Marmi between History and Luxury

The luxury of sea-view living in Tuscany: an up-close look at exclusive Forte dei Marmi, the flagship of Versilia.

Forte dei Marmi, located along the beautiful Tuscan coast of Versilia, is one of Italy’s most charming and renowned resorts. Known for its golden beaches, timeless elegance and exclusive character, it is much more than just a tourist destination. This seaside town enchants with its history, which is reflected in its architecture, local traditions and the sophisticated atmosphere that permeates its exclusive streets.

History, Luxury and Exclusivity

The history of Forte dei Marmi dates back to the 16th century, when the town was little more than a fishing village. The name Forte dei Marmi derives from the fort built in 1788 at the behest of Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine, which was tasked with protecting the landing of marble extracted from the nearby Apuan Alps.

Known as Forte Lorenese, it became the beating heart of the town and played a crucial role in the development of the area. Today, it stands in the center of the town as a symbol of its military and maritime origins. A building venue for cultural events and exhibitions.

The Apuan Alps, with their majestic marble peaks, are an imposing presence that has profoundly influenced the history and economy of the locality. Carrara marble, quarried from these mountains, is world-famous for its quality and beauty. Since ancient times, it was transported through the territory to the coast, where it was shipped and shipped throughout the Mediterranean.

Versilia - Forte dei Marmi - luxury real estate

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Forte dei Marmi became an important stop for travelers on the Grand Tour, a cultural itinerary followed by young European aristocrats to complete their education. The natural beauty of the coast, combined with the charm of the local architecture and traditions, attracted artists, writers and nobles from all over Europe. An influx that helped transform the area into an elegant and sought-after resort, laying the foundation for its future as a luxury destination.

Forte dei Marmi in the 50s and 60s

The 20th century marked a period of significant development for Forte dei Marmi. In the 1950s and 1960s, the town experienced an unprecedented tourism boom, thanks to the growing popularity of summer vacations along the Tuscan coast. It was at this particular time in history that new infrastructure began to be built, including luxury hotels, fine restaurants, and exclusive beach resorts. And so, international celebrities and entrepreneurs began to frequent Versilia, cementing its reputation as one of the chicest places in Italy.

In recent years, Forte dei Marmi has seen significant investments that have further improved the quality of life and attractiveness of the resort. Urban redevelopment projects, the restoration of historic buildings and the creation of new infrastructure have helped keep the level of exclusivity.

In addition, many villas have been renovated to meet modern needs while retaining their original charm. Period villas, set in lush gardens, bear witness to the city’s heyday. These are exclusive residences, many of which were built by noble and bourgeois families and combine architectural elegance and luxury.

Exclusive Villa with Pool in Forte dei Marmi

Among the first to appreciate the beauty and privacy of Forte dei Marmi was Admiral Morin, owner of Villa Costanza, later purchased by the Agnelli family and now known as Hotel Augustus Lido. In the late 19th century, this place began to become a landmark for artists and intellectuals. In the Roaring Years, a group of artists known as the Quarto Platano would meet here, attracting personalities such as Gabriele D’Annunzio, Thomas Mann, and Alberto Moravia, who would discuss culture and sunbathe.

Historical Beaches and Exclusive Places in Forte dei Marmi

Among the most iconic places in Forte dei Marmi are its exclusive beaches that are home to historic baths, such as Alpemare, owned by the famous singer Andrea Bocelli, which is considered a place of luxury and sophistication. The importance that such a world-renowned figure decided to invest in Forte dei Marmi underscores the prestige and attractiveness of the resort. Thanks to its prime location, Alpemare offers exclusive services, including a restaurant area with gourmet cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for those seeking a high-end experience by the sea.

Founded by Flavio Briatore, Twiga Beach Club, is the symbol of luxury and worldliness between Forte dei Marmi and Marina di Pietrasanta. An exclusive club offering a fully equipped beach, a gourmet restaurant, and a lounge area for aperitifs and late-night parties, it is known for its exclusive events and for being frequented by international celebrities.

Historical Beaches and Exclusive Places in Forte dei Marmi

However, Forte dei Marmi, is not only waterfront living, but also elegance, history and culture, where every corner and every structure has something to tell.

Among the iconic venues symbolizing social life is La Capannina di Franceschi, founded in 1929 and one of Forte dei Marmi’s most historic and famous nightclubs, known for hosting numerous celebrities and for its exclusive events that have made the history of entertainment in Versilia.

Also in the area is La Bussola, the historic club in Marina di Pietrasanta and one that marked the golden age of Versilia. Founded in the 1950s, it is famous for hosting internationally renowned artists and for its gala evenings.

The Exclusivity of Versilia: a Hub of Investment and Luxury

Versilia, with its unique mix of natural beauty, cultural history and modernity, represents an area of growing development and attractiveness in the luxury real estate market. Forte dei Marmi, in particular, which has always been a symbol of exclusivity and sophistication, has been able to attract over the years, prominent figures and important business groups who have decided to invest massively in the area. Influential figures and prominent companies have thus contributed to its continued development, consolidating it as an exclusive luxury destination.

An emblematic example is the renovation of the historic Bar Principe by internationally renowned architect Michele Bönan. Now owned by the Prada Group, Bar Principe has been transformed into an icon of style and luxury, demonstrating the importance of Forte dei Marmi as a high-profile destination.

The Exclusivity of Versilia

In addition to Prada, other prominent figures and groups have chosen Versilia for their investments, such as the famous Belmond Group, known for its luxury hotels, which selected this location for one of its exclusive resorts, helping to further raise the region’s profile.

Celebrities from the world of entertainment and business have opened exclusive locales, attracted by the beauty and energy of Forte dei Marmi. One example is Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich and numerous other international investors who have purchased villas and properties in the area. This has allowed Versilia to become one of the most prestigious and coveted locations for high-end real estate investments.

Versilia is not only a place to experience luxury, but a region undergoing rapid growth and development. Investments in infrastructure, the continuous influx of capital, and the presence of exclusive services all contribute to making this area a point of reference for those seeking elegance, quality of life, and business opportunities.

Luxury Living in Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is a town that lives and breathes culture and tradition. Every summer, the town hosts a series of cultural events, concerts, theater performances and art exhibitions, attracting visitors from all over the world. Local traditions keep the connection to history and community alive. The weekly market, famous for its quality products and handicrafts, is another characteristic element that reflects the vibrancy and authenticity of local life.

In conclusion, Forte dei Marmi is not only a luxury tourist destination, but a location rich in history. Its transformation from fishing village to exclusive destination is a fascinating journey that continues to attract and enchant visitors and residents with its unique blend of tradition, elegance, and natural beauty.

If you are interested in investing in the luxury real estate in Forte dei Marmi, contact our brokers and find your sea view villa.


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