Luxury Homes: Real Estate Trends for 2024

Main trends in luxury real estate for 2024: luxury villas, houses and apartments for sale that match the new market needs of Italian and international buyers

Luxury real estate is a dynamic and constantly evolving industry, influenced by several factors that reflect changing consumer tastes, global economic conditions, and innovations in design and technology.

As we head into a future in which the concept of luxury transforms and adapts to the needs of contemporary society, it is crucial to explore the major trends that are shaping the high-end real estate market.

It is interesting to analyze the key trends that are driving purchase decisions and industry dynamics among buyers and investors of luxury residences.

Luxury Real Estate Market: Trends 2024

The outlook for luxury real estate in 2024 is shaping up through evolving and increasingly refined demands. Indeed, new trends are emerging that characterize the preferences and desires of buyers of luxury residences.

The context is that of a complex market, which is affected by the steady rise in inflation and geopolitical instability. The European real estate sector is experiencing a significant volume contraction, involving all the different asset classes.

In general, the effects of the pandemic seem to be over, and the main current critical issues are related to high-interest rates and construction costs, as well as rising inflation affecting consumers’ purchasing power.

Despite this, potential buyers are showing interest in investing in Italy.

This is also confirmed by the Global Real Estate Viewpoint Report, by BlackRock, a major U.S. investment firm.

Market segments

Despite global changes and rising inflation making the landscape unstable, real estate remains the ultimate refuge asset.

Industry analyses show a 50% growth in demand in the luxury market in Italy over the past 3 years.

This trend is also due to the fact that prices in Italy are lower than in many European cities, and properties with important historical value can be found here, set within a context in which quality of life is certainly one of the motivations for international clients to invest.

The luxury market in Italy is largely a foreign affair, with 75 percent of buyers of properties priced above 1 million euros coming from abroad.

Many inquiries, about 20 percent, come from the United States, followed by Britain. Right after that, we find Swiss, French, Germans, Asians including Chinese, Indians and Australians, and Northern Europeans.

Americans mainly buy in Tuscany, purchasing villas and farmhouses in the countryside, or by the sea or lake.

For this reason, Tuscany ranks third in Italy in terms of the number of completed purchases and sales of properties in the luxury market (properties above €1 million) after Lombardy and Lazio.

For the future, however, market research conducted by the Luxury Residences Market Observatory in Italy, in collaboration with, identified potential investment assets of particular interest.

In Italy, investment in Living is growing by +15%, touching 1.2 billion euros, in sharp contrast to Europe (-49%). Also on the rise is the purchase of space dedicated to Offices, with favorable locations for moving.

The same goes for the Retail and Hotellerie worlds, compartments that are very attractive to investors to offer increasingly luxury services.

In Logistics, however, trading and development activities are picking up with higher returns.

Investors’ attention is particularly focused on the energy issue and the new role of the home, aspects that will drive the residential market in the near future.

Luxury buying and selling in Italy

The luxury real estate market for high residences shows stable trends with rising demands.

So what requirements are sought in luxury houses?

There is a growing trend of searching for those properties considered Trophy Assets: exclusive properties located in unique and exclusive locations. Valuable luxury homes with high historical value that also meet specific needs:

  • Smart Homes. Technology in the service of “smart homes” continues to be a driving force in the luxury real estate market, offering convenience, comfort and security.
  • Eco-Homes. Environmental sustainability is a growing concern for luxury house buyers. Incorporating sustainable practices not only reduces the carbon footprint but also increases the overall value and attractiveness of the property.
  • Wellness Services. Wellness is becoming a priority for buyers of high-end homes. These amenities, such as swimming pools, or wellness areas, aim to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  • Privacy and Safety. Privacy remains a major concern of luxury home buyers. Advanced security systems, soundproofing and landscaping create an exclusive and safe environment for residents.
  • Customization. Wealthy buyers are increasingly looking for customized and tailored spaces that reflect their unique tastes and preferences. Luxury real estate developers collaborate with renowned architects and interior designers to create modern mansions that meet the buyer’s individual needs.

Those who choose to invest in luxury real estate do so by considering specific requirements, such as a focus on sustainability, or the presence of smart-working rooms, vegetable gardens, and gyms.

Who buys luxury properties in Italy?

In Italy, the majority of buyers of luxury properties are international clients, with 70% of investors coming mainly from North America (14%), Germany (8%), the United Kingdom (7 %), Switzerland (5%) and France (3%).

These are mainly private clients, sportsmen, artists and top business people who are interested in the Italian luxury real estate market.

Among the most sought-after locations for luxury buying and selling are Chianti, Tuscany but also Milan, Venice, Bologna, Rome, Florence and Palermo.

There is also strong interest in the Courmayeur area, Cortina, Cinque Terre area, and Lakes Maggiore, Como and Garda. As well as the seaside areas of Forte dei Marmi, Capri, Porto Cervo, Positano and Taormina.

Luxury Real Estate: Key Trends

The topic of digitization is gaining ground in the luxury real estate sector. Technology is being harnessed to offer potential buyers a more immersive experience, with virtual reality and digital visualization tools enabling international investors to explore properties remotely.

In fact, the concept of luxury is increasingly moving toward time appreciation. That’s why high net worth clients are looking for turnkey properties or facilities where third parties completely take care of the renovation and maintenance.

The demand for comprehensive renovation management services, the managed properties trend, represents a significant change in the way luxury is perceived and sought after.

These are solutions that save buyers time and effort. A trend that ties in with investors’ growing need for convenience and ease of use.

Circular luxury in mega-villa

Sustainability is a theme that will gain more and more ground, even impacting the luxury market in 2024.

Buyers are more inclined to invest in properties that meet high environmental standards. Indeed, luxury homes for sale include green features for sustainable architecture, such as solar panels, efficient heating and cooling systems, and sustainable building materials.

It is a concept, this one called circular luxury, a sustainable and responsible approach in the luxury industry that aims to reduce the use of natural resources, minimize environmental impacts and promote durability.

Buying a luxury property in Italy

Italy, with its rich history, breathtaking landscapes and cultural heritage, has always been a coveted destination in luxury real estate. Its offerings include a wide range of properties, from historic villas to luxury coastal residences, attracting domestic and international buyers seeking exclusive living.

The luxury real estate market in Italy offers a wide range of opportunities for buyers seeking an exclusive residence, including historic properties, castles for sale and quality designs.

Italy also allows Flat Tax benefits intended for ultra-rich buyers intent on purchasing property in the Italian territory.

In conclusion, exploring the ever-changing trends in luxury real estate is essential to understanding where the market is heading.

From the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to a growing focus on sustainability, luxury real estate continues to offer unprecedented stimulation and opportunity.

Looking to the future, it is clear that the key to success lies in the ability to adapt. Investors, real estate agents and developers must be ready to innovate and anticipate the changing needs of an increasingly sophisticated clientele.

Find out what are the main steps in the process of buying a luxury property in Italy by following useful and necessary procedures, accompanied by the experienced team of Dreamer Real Estate.


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