Charming Castles for Sale in Tuscany

Discover the historical value and beauty of castles for sale in Tuscany: unique opportunities in luxury real estate.

The market for castles in Italy is currently booming, with increasing demand from national and international investors for these extraordinary properties. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a genuine increase in the buying and selling of castles, with increasing interest from wealthy buyers from different parts of the world.

Who buys Castles?

The main buyers are foreign investors, such as Americans, Germans, British, Russians and Swiss, as well as Italian entrepreneurs.

Attracted by the history and timeless beauty of castles in Tuscany, many of these buyers see these properties not only as a place of residence, but also as a valuable investment. Indeed, these are properties that offer attractive opportunities in luxury real estate, given their future potential if converted into luxury hotels or prestigious B&Bs.

With the ever-increasing demand for unique experiences in the tourism and event industry, many buyers see castles as a profitable source of investment, renovating them and using them as luxury accommodations.

Historic Castle with a Pool and a View of Florence

Castles for Sale in Tuscany

Most of the castles for sale are located in Tuscany: luxury residences that are attracting the attention of national and international investors.

The region is known for its rich historical and artistic heritage and the castles that stand here are no exception. These historic monuments offer not only a place to reside, but a unique opportunity to own a part of Italian history. From medieval castles overlooking the hills to elegant palaces surrounded by vineyards, each property is steeped in charm and mystery.

What makes these properties so irresistible is their ability to combine history, beauty and prestige. Framed by imposing walls and majestic towers, these historic buildings are symbols of antiquity and custodians of centuries of traditions and cultures. Every detail, from the stone facades to the sumptuously decorated interiors, evokes a sense of grandeur and magnificence.

The Castle that stands on the Hills of Bagno a Ripoli, Florence

There is an ancient castle located in Bagno a Ripoli, Florence, witness to a fascinating history that we went over in an exclusive interview with its current owner.

A conversation in which we delved into the secrets and wonders of this architectural jewel, witness to centuries of Florentine history and culture. From its enchanting view of the Tuscan hills to its rich heritage, we explored the past and present of this castle for sale.

The castle stands on the northern slope of Mount Incontro, in the picturesque town of Villamagna, now a municipality of Bagno a Ripoli. It is an architectural complex that represents one of the most significant and best-preserved examples of fortified buildings in the Tuscan region, retaining intact its majestic presence as a medieval fortress, presumably built in the Lombard era.

Historic Castle with a Pool and a View of Florence

Exclusive interview

Dreamer Real Estate. «We can start by talking about the fascinating history of the castle: can you share with us some of the most significant historical notes?»

Current owner. «The castle has had a history full of illustrious owners over the centuries. Originally owned by the Covoni, a patrician family of Fiesole origin, it later passed into the hands of the powerful Canigiani family and their descendants.

In 1430, upon the death of Nicolosa, Bernardo Covoni’s daughter, the castle passed to Rinaldo di Maso degli Albizi, an influential Florentine figure of the time and rival of Cosimo il Vecchio dei Medici, who ousted the Albizi upon his return from exile.

In 1435, the Officers of the Rebels of the Commune of Florence sold the property to Benedetto di Bernardo dei conti Alberti for 900 gold florins. His sudden death in 1436 did not allow him to pay off the debt, and the property was purchased by Daniello di Luigi Canigiani, a wealthy Florentine merchant.

Upon his death in 1473 his substantial estate was divided among his various sons, one of whom retained ownership during the first half of the sixteenth century, when he suffered an economic collapse that led him to sell the property, later redeemed by Canigiani’s heirs».

DRE. « A fortified medieval castle boasting a picturesque location overlooking Florence, home to several famous people over the centuries. What was its structure?»

CO. «The 1587 inventory of the Canigiani mansion provides a detailed look at the structure at the time, including a tower, large farm rooms and a cellar.

During the 17th century the palace underwent extensions to the manor wing, and by the end of the century it was described as a stately residence with gardens, vegetable gardens, fountain and chapel.

Historic Castle with a Pool and a View of Florence

The last Covoni-Girolami heir, at the end of the 18th century, alienated the villa and agricultural estates to the Corsini family. However, the complex was not restored to its former magnificence and gradually fell into disuse, used mainly for agricultural purposes.

By the mid-19th century, the ancient villa is in a state of abandonment, marking the end of its era of splendor».

DRE. «Compared to the past, what architectural and non-architectural elements are still present inside the castle? We would like to understand how much history it still carries with it».

CO. «Inside the manor part on the ground floor, the great hall stands out, characterized by its cross-vaulted ceiling, which still preserves a beautiful stone frame with the Covoni or Canigiani coat of arms in the center.

The other rooms have wooden coffered ceilings, while in the west wing drawing room, beams supported by elegant corbels carved with scrolls can be seen.

Historic Castle with a Pool and a View of Florence

In the interior walled garden, there is still the large well, reported in the inventories, while the small chapel retains its simple exterior form and faces the villa from the north.

The ancient fortified settlement is also visible from above, with the circular footprints of the old wall perimeters that surrounded the fortress, presumably including the chapel and a cistern, as well as two watchtowers».

DRE. «And over time, however, how has the castle changed? How has it been maintained and preserved, and what interventions have been made to enrich and modernize such an important piece of real estate?»

CO. «The complex still retains its old medieval fortress appearance, with the tower standing out, although it is severed and no longer has its original walls.

The fortress was renovated by the Covoni family in the first decades of the 1400s, adding two new manor rooms. Later, in the 17th century, the Canigiani family made further extensions.

In 1800, the Covoni family significantly modified the structure to adapt it to agricultural needs, while during the 20th century the ancient walls were demolished and the farm building underwent further extensions».

DRE. «The well-known “horseshoe” shape is one of the most distinctive architectural features of the castle, which offers a wide range of spaces, from historic halls to lounges and bedrooms. How have these rooms been used over the centuries and how are they enhanced today?»

CO. «To this day, the villa retains its medieval appearance, overlooking the summit of a terraced hill. The tall castle tower, though remodeled, dominates the complex, to which the manor house with its characteristic medieval design was added over time.

The villa is C-shaped, open to the south and distributed on several levels following the contours of the surrounding land.

Thanks to recent restoration work, the castle is becoming one of the best examples of preserved fortified architecture in the territory of Bagno a Ripoli».

Historic Castle with a Pool and a View of Florence

Castles in the Luxury Real Estate

Castles for sale represent one of the most extraordinary opportunities in luxury real estate. Each castle is unique, with its own fascinating history and breathtaking architecture. Majestic and imposing, these historic buildings offer a variety of opportunities for buyers to transform them into private residences, luxury hotels, exclusive event venues, and more.

Castles for sale in Tuscany represent the best of luxury real estate, offering a compelling combination of history, beauty and prestige.

Whether you are looking for an exclusive residence or a profitable investment, a castle may be the ideal solution. Contact the Dreamer Real Estate team to discover the best investment opportunities in castles for sale in Tuscany.


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