Una Villa Storica nel Cuore del Chianti, in Toscana

Nel cuore del Chianti, in Toscana, sorge una residenza unica, un gioiello architettonico che combina elementi antichi, con design moderni, grazie alla recente ristrutturazione del complesso.

Questi castelli offrono un’opportunità unica di possedere una parte del patrimonio storico italiano e di vivere una vita da sogno, immersi in panorami mozzafiato e lusso senza tempo.

Dreamer Real Estate ha selezionato alcuni straordinari castelli in vendita in Toscana, tra Storia e fascino. Dimore di lusso che raccontano il tempo passato, tra re, nobili e personaggi leggendari.

I castelli in Toscana si distinguono per la loro architettura e la maestosità delle loro strutture: torri, camminamenti, cortili interni e affreschi originali, mantenuti intatti nel corso dei secoli.

Il panorama immobiliare italiano offre residenze ad alto valore storico, come i castelli, alcuni dei quali riqualificati, restaurati e destinati a ospitare musei, o eventi.

Chianti is in fact one of the most famous wine regions in the world. Characterized by rolling hills covered with vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees, its landscape enchants with rustic and striking beauty. The region is famous for the production of Chianti Classico wine, a high-quality red wine known for its fruity and robust taste.

Picturesque medieval villages dot the area, offering an authentic and charming atmosphere. Ancient castles, historic churches and cobblestone streets contribute to an environment steeped in history and tradition.

It is here that a recently renovated Historic Farmhouse is located, now for sale.

History and Architecture of the Villa

The authentic blend of history and luxury in the heart of Chianti is found in this historic villa. Located in the hills of Castellina, just 40 km from Florence and 30 km from Siena, it is a jewel that dates back to the 16th century.

Nestled in the Gallo Nero vineyards, the property boasts a privileged location that hosted the illustrious astronomer Galileo Galilei and his family during the Renaissance.

This Luxury Farmhouse with a Pool for sale in Chianti is the result of a meticulous restoration in 2010, preserving the historic charm and authentic architectural features of the Renaissance.

The complex’s 9 luxurious apartments offer a unique luxury experience. The interiors, spread over two levels, incorporate Tuscan design with handcrafted furniture. An old barn dating back to the 1800s has been converted into a beautiful annex, adding further charm to the setting.

Authentic interior design is evident in each apartment, with furnishings curated in the high-quality Tuscan style. Terracotta floors offer cozy warmth, while wood-beamed ceilings lend a touch of rustic elegance.

The villa is surrounded by 50 hectares of vineyards, offering an authentic Tuscan experience immersed in the beauty of Chianti. The property grounds include a charming pine forest and an olive grove, adding further charming elements to the surroundings.

Inside the ancient walls of the original barn is the charming swimming pool with a large sunbathing area. A perfect place to relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the beauty of the Tuscan Chianti hills.

Dreamer Real Estate met with one of the owners of the farmhouse for sale in Chianti

An architectural gem restored in 2010, by Architect Giuseppe B., current co-owner of the property, together with a well-known family of Florentine designers, who also collaborated with AD Magazine.

Dreamer Real Estate met with him, to gather in an exclusive interview, the story of life in this farmhouse nestled in the Tuscan countryside.

Dreamer Real Estate: A historic villa in Chianti. What have been the main design and restoration issues you have dealt with since becoming its co-owner?

 Architect Giuseppe B.: The hamlet, was originally the rural agglomeration of Casalta di Pesa, set on one of the most beautiful hills of Chianti, surrounded by 30 hectares of vineyards. It is a typical example of a fortified farmhouse building because it was located in a highly coveted area that was continually contested in battle between the Florentines and the Sienese for more than three centuries.

In fact, if observed carefully, the building, which belonged to the family of Galileo Galilei, shows this process of transformation over time, with an older core and the addition of bodies built between the late 16th and early 17th centuries. My restoration work has been totally aimed at the preservation and enhancement of the original site and architecture, safeguarding its historical stratification, and adapting it with discretion and refinement to the needs of contemporary living.

 DRE: As an architect and designer, how did you manage to maintain the authenticity and historical character of the villa during the restoration process?

 Architect G.B.: The restoration was a very delicate operation since it was necessary to reconcile the need to equip the complex and all housing units, with modern facilities and services, while respecting its original characteristics. Operation well successful thanks to the recovery and reuse of all period materials, skillfully reallocated by highly qualified workers specialized in the conservative restoration of historic buildings.

 DRE: What are the most unique architectural features of this Chianti villa and what are the distinctive elements at the level of furnishings that best characterize it?

 Architect G.B.: The main architectural features consist of having enhanced all the typical elements of historic Tuscan country homes, such as the chestnut beams and ceiling tiles that have been pickled to lighten their mark. But also, the recovery and restoration of Tuscan terracotta floors and some exposed stone architectural elements, alternating them with lime putty plaster. Add to these the right mix of history and contemporary furnishings, juxtaposing original period pieces of furniture with contemporary upholstery, covered in precious linen fabrics. All this, under the light of modern designer lamps.

DRE: Was balancing the ancient and the modern on the property a challenge from your perspective? How did you manage it?

 Architect G.B.: It was not a challenge; everything happened spontaneously and naturally. The place is historic and therefore deserved deep respect. The design intervention implemented was carried out very carefully and delicately, from the search for elegant furniture to contemporary style, which could still blend with the memory of the places.

 DRE: How much did the Chianti landscape influence the choice of style and design of the villa?

 Architect G.B.: The context dictated the guidelines since, as mentioned, the major effort from the design point of view, was to strip the building of all those superstructures sedimented over time, which had nothing to do with the historical architecture that we tried to bring back, as much as possible, to its original state. The structure was then equipped with highly qualified services and equipment, to make its stay more pleasant, such as an annex with changing rooms and services, adjacent to the splendid solarium with a panoramic swimming pool that ideally embraces its view of the vineyards of the Gallo Nero, for me, by far, one of the most beautiful and evocative landscapes of Chianti.

DRE: What advice would you give to those who decide to invest in this area?

Architect G.B.: To do it with serenity because, in my opinion, it is one of the most fascinating and unique places in the world where investment is a sure guarantee, a place loaded with history, art, culture and quality of life.

This Historic Villa nestled in the heart of Chianti, in Tuscany, is much more than a residence. It is a combination of ancient elegance and modern comfort.

Contact our team of experts to find out every detail related to the sale of the villa.


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